Fingerprinting Services in Midlothian, IL

Fingerprinting is an effective and common way for companies to determine your identity and run a thorough background check. Often, these companies will ask you to provide fingerprints when applying to work with them or for a special license or certification, such as a firearms license.

However, gone are the days when all that was required was a stamp of ink on a piece of paper. These days, fingerprinting is much more advanced, which means you’ll need access to the right technology and guidance on how to use it. At Expert Fingerprints, we can handle all your fingerprinting needs in Midlothian, IL, so you can move forward with your endeavor with ease.

Live Scan Fingerprinting in Midlothian

We use live scan fingerprinting to capture your prints with as much accuracy as possible. Live scanning also allows your fingerprints to be sent quicker, making the process more efficient and less messy than traditional ink methods. Our high-quality fingerprints can be used in all industries, as well as by individuals, for the use of:

  • Employment applications
  • Firearm permits
  • Security checks
  • Medical cannabis dispensing agents
  • Education professionals
  • Private sector workers
  • Nurses & healthcare workers
  • Concealed weapons carriers

The founder of Expert Fingerprints has over four decades of experience as a career police officer and USCCA-certified firearms instructor. As such, our entire team is well-trained in fingerprinting services for these and many other sectors. We can quickly get you the prints you need, so you can hand them over to the requesting company.

If you want your fingerprinting experience in Midlothian to be as convenient and expedited as possible, call Expert Fingerprints at 708-206-9150 to schedule an appointment today!