Fingerprint Photos

Your fingerprints say a lot about you. They can tell people who you are, reveal aspects of your environment, substances present on your finger, and even what you’ve eaten. As unique as the prints themselves are, so are the various needs for professional fingerprinting. Some require fingerprinting for employment screening or becoming licensed for ownership of a firearm, while others may be in the process of applying for adoption approval.

If you need fingerprinting services in Midlothian, Expert Fingerprints can offer you a convenient solution. Come down to our office and we will get you fingerprinted quickly and accurately, then promptly return your prints to you, so you can get them to where they need to be.

Fingerprinting Services in Midlothian

No two fingerprints are alike, which makes them a great tool for identifying someone and running a background check. The loops, whorls, and arches and how they align on your finger are completely unique to you. To best capture the unique characteristics of your fingerprints, we use the latest technology in the industry—live scan fingerprinting.

Live scan fingerprinting is a digital process for capturing your prints during which your finger is scanned as you roll it across the glass. Once captured, your prints are also processed electronically. Live scanning helps prevent human error and makes the fingerprinting process faster and easier. The results are also easier to transfer to clients.

After we scan your fingerprints, we will provide you with a fingerprint card you can then deliver to the appropriate entity. If for some reason you need an ink fingerprint card, we can supply those, as well.

Getting the professional fingerprints you need can be quick and painless when you work with Expert Fingerprints in Midlothian. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting services!